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Best waves in Vietnam
Peter and Csiga surfing
Peter surfing Vietnamese surfspot
Csiga in some of the best surfing conditions
Adam surfing Black Vergin. Vietnams big wave surfing.


Embark on an unforgettable surfing journey in Mui Ne, Vietnam's top surfing destination. With its stunning beaches and consistent wind patterns, Mui Ne is a heaven for surfers of all levels. Discover the thrill of riding the waves in this tropical paradise, a must-visit spot for every surf enthusiast.


Little Buddha: Ideal for Beginner Surfers

Explore Little Buddha, renowned for its beginner-friendly waves and serene atmosphere. Located just 5 minutes away from our kitesurf station, Little Buddha is perfect for those taking their first steps into surfing. With its easy waves and picturesque setting, it's a key spot for an introduction to surfing in Vietnam.


Malibu Beach: A Challenge for Experienced Surfers

Advanced surfers can head to Malibu, known for its challenging waves and vibrant surf scene. This spot, a bit further from the kitesurf station, offers exciting conditions for experienced riders. Malibu's dynamic surf provides the ideal challenge for those looking to elevate their surfing skills in Vietnam.


Experience the best of Vietnam's surf at Mui Ne's Little Buddha and Malibu spots, and find out why this region is a top choice for surfers worldwide.


- $50 per hour
- $120 for a 3-hour session


(2 Students : 1 Instructor)

- $40 per hour
- $90 for a 3-hour package


- $15 Half Day
- $20 Full Day

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