Surfpoint Kiteboarding School
Surfpoint Kitesurfing School
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Surfpoint Kiteboarding School
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Who are we?

We have managed to gather a very unique group of people that shere the same passion. First of all we started as team who has been teaching kitesurfing for a very long time. It took years to select the best availabe instructors. Now we are a group of eleven people and at this point we can say honestly we managed to gather the best team possible. Looking at what we acheived it's hard to call it a school, we are a collective of people brought together by the same passion and frame of mind that allows us to teach kitesurfing as efficient as possible. Our main strenght is being open minded, interactive and we do prioritize students progress over making money. Yea, seriously we do!



Peter is a passionate kitesurfer who started kiting in 2003. Graduating from university as a physical education teacher, Peter decided to mix both passions and started teaching kitesurfing in 2006. Since then, he has taught in Spain, Italy, Greece and co-founded Surfpoint Vietnam in 2009. He now brings his passion and experience to Kalpitiya establishing Surfpoint Sri Lanka where he hopes you will have a great time. When he’s not teaching, you might find him surfing the waves or working on his football skills.


One of the first kiteboarders in Vietnam. Started kitesurfing in 2003 as a beach boy working his way up to become an instructor in 2005 furthermore he made history in competitive part of Vietnamese kitesurfing winning 2006 and 2007 King of Mui Ne competitions.


Comes from a family with long watersports traditions. He flipped his first sailboat when he was 11 years old, then picked up windsurfing 4 years later. Started kiteboarding in 2004 only to become an instructor in 2005. He was competing for a year reaching 5th place in Polish Kite Championships, but commited himself to teaching kiteboarding. Occasionally he does film making as side projects.




This is Daniel from Budapest, Hungary. He is kitesurfing for 10 years and teaching kitesurfing and surfing full time for 4 years now. He worked in several places around the world including Greece, Zanzibar and Vietnam. He is speaking German, English and Hungarian. His favourite ways of riding are wakestyle and wave riding.



Skateboard is my roots, snowboard is my passion, kitesurfing is my life, surfing is my love. Hey my name is Matt and im from Poland, I start with extreme sport when i was 10. It was skateboard. When I started to study I became snowboard instructor ( 2006 ) then kite instructor in 2009 and surf instructor, everything what I do I do with passion and full commitment.


Hey, my name is Katya. I'm totally in love with life, wind and people around me) Kitesurfing for me is not only extreme sport but also a philosophy, that helps people to master their body language and to tune themselves with the world around. So trust me, after our kite-lesson, you'll be infected with the same life-loving virus and wind will help us at the absolutely best school on the Mui Ne coast!)) Kitesurfing is easy!


At this moment Phu may be the youngest of our team as well as competing the most. He can jump high. He is getting good results in international Kite Tour Asia events including 1st place in 2013 and 2016 high jump and 1st place in Twin Tip racing competition. We are looking forward to his next achievements.



Cot is our head beach boy, he makes sure everything is working well equipment wise and if you are renting he will provide you with the right gear. In his free time he is riding and doing megaloops, fixing broken kites or playing Clash of Clans, luckily not so much as last year.


Tung is a very talented kiter, who has a potential to become one of the best Vietnamese freestyle riders. He started with us before he could kitesurf and with our advice made more progress in 2 years than anyone we have seen. He is an important asset to our small community and we are looking forward to him making instructors license.


Ngong is person commited to what he is doing, you can see in the way he rides as well in the way he works. He does everything as professional as possible. His favorite style of riding is doing high jumps on twin tip board he is also suspected of playing Clash of Clans with Cot, but that is not really relevant.