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The first time we do things in life are usually the most enjoyable moments of a given activity. It is so in kiteboarding if you do it with the right people. We all remember first time dragging in the water with a kite, first attempts to get up on the board, our first jumps. We are happy to be able to pass that knowledge to our students. We will guide you through all the steps in order to learn kitesurfing safety and consciously. They will enjoy your successes and give you the reasons of failure so you can improve. We have prepared several packages depending on your level and dedication, don't get misguided though we adjust the speed of the lesson and type of exercises to every students individual needs in order to make the lessons most efficient.


Regardless your current fitness level you are able to learn and kitesurf. It's not about your body strength it's about developing the right habits a bit like learning how to drive a car. You need to learn here is gas and break pedal while it's absolutely possible for people with age range between 10 to 60 years old to name average, there are certainly exceptions of younger and older kitesurfers. 


Our primary goal is to give you good basics for further practice and progress in this sport. Getting up on the board and riding is only a part of it. What we consider more important is understanding how kitesurfing works what will allow you to improve your skills much faster and safer in the future. If you stay in Mui Ne more than a couple days we will be more than happy to supervise your progress, give you free advice and sometimes even push you a little in the right direction. After all everybody need to get motivated from time to time.


To start a course you'll need swimming shorts or bikini, best would be boardshorts and rashvest, then once you sign up we start with beachflying to work on right habbits of steering and learn about how the kite works, then we pass on to excercises with generating power and gaining confidence with more powerfull kites, once that is acheived we start boardwork, that means recovering the board and working on positioning the board for waterstart while moving the kite to generate power. Further on once you are able to stand up both ways and recover the board you can pass on to renting equipment under our coaching and assistance. Through all the steps our instructor makes sure you maintain confidence and practice saftely.


Well, once Mui Ne was a small fishing vilage, everyone knew everyone and we were well known for our skills of teaching and riding. We started a school as 3 of the most experienced instructors in Vietnam and we are continuing at the same level of understanding while passing it on to our instructors and having a system of two of us teaching and one managing the school. The most important part is is that we can be in the process of teaching and overlook the level of people who work for us. This means top level integrity of the whole school. 


- unlimited use of trainer kite, 
- free instructors consultation after, 
- complete set of kiteboarding equipment and safety gear
- IKO card certification


PRIVATE - tuition one on one 150usd

GROUP - tuition in a group of two 120usd

This program is designed to give you an initial impression
on kitesurfing. At the end of this course you will be able
to move through the water using the power of the kite.

- tuition on trainer kite to develop proper steering habits
- equipment setup / pack down
- tuition on safety systems and real situation simulations
- flying inflatable kite withoput power on the beach
- bodydraging - using the proper size kite in the water to 
generate power, Water relaunch.


PRIVATE - tuition one on one 250usd

GROUP - tuition in a group of two 200usd

Beginner program is designed to get you up and riding on the 
board. After this course you may be able to practice by yourself
It features the steps from Teaser package plus:

- advanced bodydragging - learning how to generate proper 
ammount of power to stand up on the board.
- developing boardskills on the beach - series of excercises 
that teach you how to position your body during waterstart
- waterstart - combining your kiteskills and boardskills in the
water to acheive your first rides! Great moments.


PRIVATE - tuition one on one 340usd

GROUP - tuition in a group of two 270usd

Intermediate program is focused on giving you the best start
possible in your kiteboarding career. It will allow you to push
your skills to a new level much faster. It features all previous 
steps form Teaser and Beginner package plus:

- dynamic wind window theory / apparent wind effects
- perfecting your waterstart / handling different conditions
- managing your speed and direction


PRIVATE - tuition one on one 470usd

GROUP - tuition in a group of two 360usd

Independent program is designed to give you the same basics as Intermediate package plus:

- riding up wind
- turning skills
- first jumps